While walking around Mr. Olympia 2015 as general admission, I stumbled across
Quest Nutrition's booth. All the Quest members were super sweet and informative. While waiting in line to learn and sample their products, I was given a sample of a shake made with their protein. YUM. I was already excited & this just made it even better. I walked away with a sample of their peanut butter protein powder packet along with their cookie dough protein bar which I tasted when I got home.

I was hooked.

The flavor was on point & the nutrition was exactly what I was looking for. I started consuming their products daily & even baking with their powders.
To some, it may not taste as sweet as other brands, but they do have a HUGE selection when it comes to flavors. Quest typically has >1g of Sugar in their products and is high in protein & fiber which I love. Their products are definitely a healthy option when looking for protein powder & bars.



As a Quest Ambassador, I have kept up with Quest Labs and all of their new products that are in production. Let me just say they are the future of food. They are creating healthy alternatives to snacks and foods that we typically can't resist. From cheddar snaps, to cookies, to even tortilla chips! Yes, they are making it happen and let me just tell you, I've sampled them and they are bomb! I cant believe I will soon be able to serve healthy alternative to tortilla chips to go with my guacamole on game day. Or the thought of wanting to snack on cookies and not feel guilty at all. There are other products out there that sell protein cookies, but just do me a favor, look at the nutrition facts and compare them to this protein chocolate chip cookie from Quest Nutrition. REMEMBER: look at the serving size too!



I recently had the honor of joining Quest Nutrition at Mr. Olympia 2016. Never would I have imagined that I'd get an opportunity like this after being a huge fan of their products for the past year. Let me just tell you, it was not only an amazing experience, but it was motivating and inspiring. From the people I met to the product I sampled, I knew this was the best company to be a part of, a company I am proud to support and call a family.

At Mr. Olympia I also had the pleasure of meeting Co-Founder/President of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu. His words were inspiring and informative. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him talk, you will notice that the knowledge this man has is incredible. He is always looking for ways to better his company and is ready to put in the work. He is not one to sit back and kick his feet up, he is actually just the opposite. At Olympia he was carrying product, helping out everyone and anyone who needed it, and motivating people while doing so.

I would definitely follow this company (not specifically saying on social media, just in general) to hear about all of their new products that they have in production. This brand will definitely become a game changer in the world of food very soon. I know I'm super excited, and I'm sure once you sample their products and make the switch, you'll be just as stoked as I am!


Below I attached my favorite flavor/products from them. Hope you enjoy!