During my fitness journey, I've encountered countless protein and supplement companies. Some of them are effective and some aren't worth spending a dime on. There can be a lot of misleading advice throughout social media. Here is what I think of it all...

      Let's be honest, you stumble across a hot babe on Instagram and you HAVE to have that body. What does she do? What does she eat? How often does she workout? BINGO! Companies love when you ask yourself these questions knowing that you will be prone to purchasing these items that they promote to their audience. That's all great, but as followers, we want to know what actually works.

Honestly, I have no fucking clue.

In my experience I just do my research on each product and judge accordingly. Everybody has different bodies which work in different ways, all I know is that it always comes down to a healthy diet and some form of exercise. I'm not siting here saying that the "Teatox" products and other endorsed supplement brands on social media don't benefit our body in any way, but I can say that its not the foundation to being fit & healthy. 


Recently, I've noticed the biggest change in my body, both internally and externally. Family and friends have come to notice I'm all around way more positive and energetic and they have also noticed that I have been making better choices when it comes to food and daily activity. I will be reviewing products and companies on my blog (both NEW products & products that I keep stocked up at my house), giving my honest opinions to those who are truly trying to make a change in their life.  My tips and opinions are based solely on how it has worked for me and my body and I am never promising results or progress. However, if you do put in 100% dedication and work, you will have no problem making steady progress! My goal is not to necessarily get you to do exactly what I do, but to figure out what works best for you to make your fitness journey be a fun & smooth experience.  I know on my social media there are always a bunch of unnecessary comments and spam, so this site will be a safe place to ask questions on real topics get the answers you are looking for! I look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can and hopefully make a change in your life.