Yes. The smell, the taste, even the way it looks.

Yes, I do still eat my favorite foods, such as nachos, pizza etc.. but only on occasion and in moderation.

My diet is pretty simple. I eat healthy, I cheat 1-2 times a week, I eat foods rich in protein / low in carbs and I keep my meals in small portions. WARNING: Don't over eat because something tastes amazing. I do understand that it's a hard habit to stop, so here are a list of tips that I used to help stop those cravings. Keep in mind that this process does not happen over night. Patience is key.

At the beginning of my journey, I definitely was not as strict as I am today. That is totally fine. Like I said, this healthy lifestyle change is a process. As time goes on, you will start to learn more about your body, including what you're consuming and how much you should be consuming. I personally recommend just making minor changes to your diet at first. 

Example: For the first two weeks of my journey I told myself I will continue to eat the same way and be the same sedentary self. However, there was one goal... to be able to say NO.

Below are some tips & tricks I used to ease into my new diet.


  • I started by cutting all liquids/beverages besides water, unsweetened tea, and black coffee (natural sweetener of choice sometimes)

This first step in my opinion is a crucial one. Unfortunately for all you Starbucks lovers, this does mean cutting out all blended coffees, creamers, sugary tea's and juices. But think on the bright side, you still get to enjoy the foods you love during this beginning process. I was able to complete the two weeks without slipping up, which meant I had the dedication I needed to begin my journey. I did tell myself that if I were to break my two week task, I would add an additional week EVERY time I cheated. If for some reason you catch yourself not being able to control yourself, you are definitely not ready for my diet plan. Make sure you take all the time you need on this first step, because control of your body and the ability to say no is key.

  • Throw away foods you keep in your pantry/fridge that you know you do NOT want to be tempted by.

Trust me when I say this. After accomplishing control, you do not want to backtrack. During the last week of cutting liquids/beverages, I suggest thinking about what foods you eat daily or weekly that you know you will soon have to monitor. Earlier, I know I mentioned that I myself eat whatever foods when I want, but that is because I have established the ability to eat in portions and to only eat those foods on occasion. In the beginning, I stayed very focused and on track, making sure not to cheat often or sometimes ever. So what do you do with your favorite bag of chips in the pantry & chocolatey treats? TOSS IT.

  • Calorie Counting

Start paying attention to how many calories you intake on a daily basis. I downloaded an app called MyFitnessPal, which was the easiest way for me to keep track. It helped me make better choices at meals and at the grocery store. Today, I do not use this app ritually, but when I started dieting I used this app every day. It help me become aware of what I was putting into my body and what changes I needed to make based on a the recommended calorie consumption.

snack & recipes

I will be blogging on here as often as possible to give you guys healthy recipes and snacks, coming up with fresh ideas for each season and holiday. To some of you, these may be pretty bland in taste, but I promise as time goes on, your palette will grow to love & enjoy every flavor! Some recipes may also need alteration depending on your macros (I would suggest a 40/40/20 diet which means you're getting 40% of your calories from protein, 40% from fat & 20% from carbs). You should be tracking this on MyFitnessPal to make sure you are staying within your range!



Don't worry, I got you! I understand the majority of you need more guidance and structure when it comes to your daily diet. I teamed up with a dietician to help me create a nutrition guide which also include my favorite go-to recipes that will be available with my workout program! This nutrition guide can be altered to your body to fit your lifestyle and goals. All the information on how to alter and portion these recipes as well as how to count your macros, will be included with the program! If you have downloaded MyFitnessPal and seem to understand how track your macros yourself, then set your goals & do your thang!